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.:Very Important:.

I didn't know if I'm allowed to post stuff like this but... I don't think that the rules say anything against
Ok... I need everyones help on something.
I have a very important survey made up by me haku_san that I need everyone too take.
You can leave your answers in a comment or e-mail them to me,

It's a bit jumbled up, and may confuse you a bit, but it is very important I get as many people to take this as possible!!


01. Out of the following main stream bands which would you want to/be the most willing to see here in the US? -
(please try to keep it down to the most 2, choice[s])
Plastic Tree
Do As Infinity
Fairy Fore
Psycho Le Cemu
L'arc En Ciel
Love Psychodelico
Dir En Grey
Janne Da Arc
La'Cryma Christi
Other (please list who if you select other Jpop is allowed too, but please try to keep it realistic.)

02. Out of the following indies bands which would you want to/be the most willing to see here in the US? -
(please try to keep it around 4-5 votes.)
Duel Jewel
Imitation Pops Noiz
The Velvet
Vogus Image
D'espairs Ray
Other (please list who if you select other)

03. How far out of and/or in state would you be willing to come to see these bands? (for those in the US)

04. How far out of your country would you be willing to come to see these?

05. How difficult would it be, for you to get to central texas and how much time in advance would you need to know about such an event to be able to come?

06. How much money would you be willing to spend to come to see them? (aka, traveling expenses, hotel expenses, food...etc. Also, specify a specific amount on the ticket price you would be willing to pay.)

07. If the bands that you voted for, were to come to the US, would 1 or 2 days be more reasonable for a line up?

08. Would you be more willing/prefer to come to an all Jrock related event, or just Japan related in general? (meaning other Japanese guests such as artists and vendors)

09. Would you prefer all Japanese bands, or some American/other bands as well?

10. Would you be willing to volunteer at such an event?

And please, feel free to post it in your personal journal. The more people we get to take it the better, just, please, please make sure all the results you get, make it back to either kawaiiyume or myself!! haku_san

Thanks in advance ♥~!
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